Medical Diagnostic Deep Clean

Our out-of-hours medical diagnostic deep clean service is performed after you’ve closed shop for the night. That way the regular schedule of your clients, your staff, and the owners is completely intact. As long as we have access to the premises, the job will be done with no disruption to normal operations!

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Coronavirus, also known as Covid 19, is a serious concern in any environment that has human interaction. Cleanliness, proper mask use, and social distancing should be part of all of our daily lives for the duration of the outbreak. And the lessons we learn about life saving hygiene habits should stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Coronavirus Emergency Deep Cleaning

Emergency Covid-19 deep cleaning services are intended for environments that were subject to suspected or confirmed Coronavirus exposure. If you need emergency Coronavirus deep cleaning in your commercial building, ambulance or NEPTS, medical facility, hospital, care home, dentist practice, school, boarding house, gym, non-medical or cosmetic facility, locker room, or shower facility, please contact us immediately.

Medical and Dental Deep Clean

If you’re looking for a comprehensive cleaning service for your doctor, dental, or other medical premises, you can trust Healthcare Screening Solutions to do the job right.

NEPTS and Ambulance Cleaning

Our Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) and ambulance cleaning service is one one of the most important cleaning processes for clinical patient transport. Bacterial pathogens in high traffic and frequently reused environments are a nightmare.

Non-Medical and Cosmetic Deep Cleaning

Healthcare Cleaning Solutions not only provides cutting edge medical cleaning solutions, we also provide clinical cleaning for non-medical and cosmetic procedure providers!