Coronavirus Emergency Deep Cleaning

Emergency Covid-19 deep cleaning services are intended for environments that were subject to suspected or confirmed Coronavirus exposure.

If you need emergency Coronavirus deep cleaning in your commercial building, ambulance or NEPTS, medical facility, hospital, care home, dentist practice, school, boarding house, gym, non-medical or cosmetic facility, locker room, or shower facility, please contact us immediately.

Our trained and insured emergency deep cleaning professionals can be on site in short order to enact our CQC and NHS compliant cleaning services.

Our process includes post-cleaning testing with our clinical swab kits. The results are provided to you as part of the service, allowing you to share those results with auditors, investors, government entities, or whomever you like. They can rest assured that all clinical governance requirements for Covid-19 deep cleaning have been met or exceeded.

All of our cleaning equipment is one-time-use. This means every towel, every cloth, and every mop is disposed of after the ambulance has been treated. That eliminates any possibility of cross contamination from unit to unit.

If best practices are followed, our documentation and auditing will assure that your premises receives the highest CQC marks for cleanliness and infection control.

Your privacy is important to us. We will not share our relationship with your firm as part of any public relations announcement or puff piece. Our discretion is sacrosanct.

It is critical that anyone who might have been exposed follows current NHS best practices and guidelines, including but not limited to getting tested, self isolation, and remotely contacting their GP or specialist medical practitioner.

Please consult the NHS website for latest information on Coronavirus exposure policy, vaccination efforts, and public health concerns relating to Covid-19.

If you have any questions, or would simply like to order our services, please check out the Contact Us page now. We are available for both one-of and subscription based services, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you so much for considering Healthcare Screening Solutions as your trusted partner.